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1 Tile = £15 | Set of 3 Tiles = £30 | Set of 7 Tiles = £60


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Installation Guide

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It’s worth taking some time to think about where you’re going to install your Senary tiles, especially if you intend to grow your collection.

Although you can rearrange your tiles once they’re up, the backing fixtures can’t be moved so when you’ve placed these, your pattern is set. However, if you’re moving home or redecorating, you can buy more backing fixtures here so you can reinstall your Senary tiles.

A good tip is to arrange your tiles on a table first to help you find your perfect arrangement. Or why not use the paper tile separators and some Blu Tack to see how your arrangement will look on the wall before committing the backing fixtures!

Before we get to the exciting bit of how to install your tiles, here are a few ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ to consider:

Senary fixings have been designed to adhere to good quality, smooth, clean surfaces

Do not place your Senary tiles above heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators as this will affect the magnetic properties of the tile fixings, the adhesive properties of the backing fixtures and may cause the tiles to warp.

Please be aware that positioning Senary tiles in direct sunlight may cause the wood and the etched surface to discolour.

To clean your tiles, gently wipe the surface with a dry microfibre cloth. We recommend using a soft brush (an artist’s paintbrush or make-up brush) to gently remove any dust or debris from the etched surface.

Step by Step Installation Guide


Place the ferrous plate onto the magnetic piece on the back of the Senary tile, backing paper facing up, matching the position of the magnet.


Peel away the backing paper and press the tile firmly to the surface.


Carefully pull the tile away from the wall by gently pushing your fingertips in behind the tile, leaving the ferrous plate attached to the wall.


Now apply pressure to the ferrous plate to ensure even contact with the surface. We recommend waiting 15-20 minutes before hanging the tile to give the adhesive of the ferrous plate time to bond with the surface.


Stand back and look on in admiration! And then repeat steps 1 – 4 with your remaining tiles.

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