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Engraved wooden box

Scorched can create custom designs for those who want to turn an idea into reality. We’ll let you into a little secret – not everyone’s life fits into the ‘off-the-shelf’ pieces. Sometimes, life throws up a curve ball. A curve ball that is just as memorable, if not more so, than a significant birthday, passing a driving test or buying your forever home. Something just as worthy of celebration as getting married or welcoming your first youngling into the family.

You want to give a gift to that special someone. Reminding them of the time they got so drunk and ended up getting an inappropriate tattoo? Or a pivotal moment that changed the course of their life? However, good luck finding something on the high street that will make them laugh about a private joke you share or speak to their weird passion for stick insects!

Happily, if you’re reading this, you have found somewhere you can commission a custom-made piece. Something that will wow your recipient and score you some major brownie points for thoughtfulness! We’ve been known to rescue one or two customers from the doghouse with a bespoke gift! In addition, we’ve even reduced people to tears with a beautiful gift that tangibly connects them to a powerful memory.

The cost of a custom piece is based on time to produce artwork, cost of materials and time for production. Therefore drop us a line with your initial idea and we’ll be in touch to discuss it in detail. From there, we’ll send you a quote and once that’s agreed we’ll create a visual of your design for your approval before going into production.

Please see our Custom Designs Procedure for creating custom pieces.
Engraved stationery holder
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