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1 Tile = £15 | Set of 3 Tiles = £30 | Set of 7 Tiles = £60


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Start telling your story today!

Single Tile – £15

Any Senary tile from any category

Set of 3 Tiles – £30

Any 3 Senary tiles from any category

Set of 7 Tiles – £60

Any 7 Senary tiles from any category

Select ANY Senary tiles from ANY category to complete your chosen set. Add your personalisation (where applicable) and to your basket – our clever shopping cart will automatically apply the correct discount for your set!

Offer excludes limited edition or custom made tiles.

Created with Passion, Etched with Love.

Tactile. Interchangeable. Beautiful.

Senary captures your precious moments, memories and milestones by etching them into stunning wooden hexagonal tiles that form a bespoke piece of wall art that grows and changes with your life’s path.

With six different species of wood to choose from, each with an entirely unique grain, no two tiles are ever the same. And every tile comes with its own serial number and date of production therefore adding to your tiles’ individuality.

Everyone needs a change of Senary now and again

The easy-to-install magnetic fixings mean you can rearrange your tiles as often as you like or as your collection grows.

Furthermore you can personalise many of our pre-designed tiles or choose to commission a one-off, custom design that is truly personal to you or your recipient.

Living room wooden tile collection

Senary for Weddings

We’ve taken the wedding guest book a stage further with this beautiful wedding gift. Have your guests write their messages into Senary tiles for you to hang in pride of place and treasure your momentous day forever!

We’ll provide you with our specially developed paper hexagons to hand to your guests on which to write their messages. After the festivities are over, return your paper hexagons to us in the pre-paid envelopes provided and we’ll etch the handwritten well wishes into your tiles.

However, we understand weddings can be expensive, so we have a variety of packages to suit your budget.

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