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Giving Back

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More Trees

The materials we use for our beautiful creations are provided by Mother Nature so we feel strongly about giving back to the Earth in as many ways as we can.

Scorched is a member of More Trees, an organisation that plants the most needed trees in the most needed parts of the world. Every month we donate to More Trees to plant saplings on our behalf. And as our business grows so will our contribution.

In addition, we will plant a tree on behalf of any customers who spend £50 or more in our store. Our aim is to reach at least 500 trees planted in our first year of trading.

Sustainable. Natural. Grateful.


We don’t use any wood or wood by-products that contain endangered tree species, nor do we use materials from protected or threatened forests. Our wood comes from responsibly managed forestry areas in the USA and Western Europe, and we ensure our suppliers’ policies are all in compliance with European regulations.


Every single bit of our packaging, bar one small element, began their life as something else! From the outer boxes to the inner treats and delights, they’ve all come from recycled materials. Shredded paper, leaflets, it’s all been repurposed into whatever you’ve ordered from us! The bit that doesn’t fall into this category can be repurposed by you!


The materials within our products and packaging are biodegradable except for any magnets or metal components. But they can be responsibly disposed of (although, we’re not sure why you would want to throw anything away in the first place!). But they certainly are recyclable with some imagination.

Our Supply Chain

We have long conversations with our suppliers to make sure we’re all singing off the same ecological hymn sheet! We insist on our deliveries coming to us in recycled materials rather than plastic, even if that means a little damage here and there – we can work around it. And we try to make big orders where we can, to reduce the number of miles travelled on our behalf.

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