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1 Tile = £15 | Set of 3 Tiles = £30 | Set of 7 Tiles = £60


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General FAQs

Mother Nature provides most of the materials we use and so we feel very strongly about giving back to her. You kind find out all the ways in which we do this by visiting our Giving Back page.

Absolutely! We design and produce everything here in our workshop, so the only limit is imagination. If you want to mark a moment that is truly personal to you, check out our custom design page or contact us for further information.

As with anything that is handmade, it takes time. Generally, we aim to despatch orders within 5 business days. We get very busy from time to time but if there’s going to be a delay we’ll let you know. Our advice is to always get your order in early if you intend to give them as a gift.

We photograph every tile before we pack them, and the packaging has been designed to hold them securely during transit. If your package is damaged when it arrives, please take photos and email them to us so we can make a complaint with the courier. Any damage incurred in transit will be rectified by us.

Please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy for full information.

Senary FAQs

Senary is a collection from Scorched consisting of decorative wooden hexagonal wall art. There are a variety of designs for each piece of hexagonal wall art and six different types of wood to choose from, including: bamboo, birch, cherry, oak, maple and walnut. The idea is to build a collection of wall art that is personal and unique to you, reflecting your moments, memories and milestones.

Each tile has a magnet attached to the back of them. We supply a self-adhesive backing fixture that sticks to the wall. Position your backing fixture and then simply place your tile on top.

Whilst the backing fixtures are permanent and fix your pattern, the magnetic fixtures mean you can rearrange the tiles within your pattern as often as you like!

We strongly advise you to read the installation guide that comes with your order!

The custom-made fixings have a strong adhesive, but you should avoid hanging them over sources of heat such as radiators and fireplaces or steamy environments such as the bathroom or above kettles!

Ideally, you need a smooth, clean, dust-free surface to stick them to. They love good quality painted surfaces or wall-papered surfaces.

We also recommend that you don’t hang them in a place where they are in direct sunlight all the time as this may cause the wood or the etched surface to fade over time. Artificial lighting won’t do any harm.

No problem. If you’re moving house (or even just redecorating where you are) you can buy just the backing fixtures, as many as you need, so you’ll be able to move your collection with you… don’t forget to add a ‘New Home’ tile!

If we have made the mistake then yes, we will remake and resend the tile at no extra cost to you. HOWEVER, if you have sent us incorrect information then we’re afraid you will have to buy the tile again. So, please check all the details carefully before submitting your order.

Each tile is unique. The wood grains are like fingerprints, no two are ever the same, which is part of the beauty of Senary. We randomly select the direction of the grain in all the tiles we cut, further adding to unique overall effect of your installation.

That said, if you want your tiles to look more uniform with the grain running in the same direction, just drop us a note in the order screen and we’ll take care of it for you. At the end of the day, this is your life’s journey, so you decide how you want to depict it!

Take a look at our Installation Guide page for some ideas about patterns and layouts. If you would like any further advice, just give us a call or drop us an email, we’ll be delighted to help.

Unfortunately, we can’t. The tiles sold in sets are all boxed together so if you need 2 boxes, you will need to order them separately.

Still got questions or concerns? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. You can get in touch with us via the Contact Us page or email us directly at And if you’d prefer to talk, give us a call on 07940 362147.

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